8 Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver caused by a viral infection. The viral infection causes inflammation in your liver. Sometimes the liver inflammation can lead to serious liver damage. Typically, the virus that causes hepatitis C spreads through tainted blood. The contaminated blood enters your bloodstream. This causes you to become infected with the disease. Several forms of the virus exist. The most common is type 2 in the United States. Regardless of the type of hepatitis C you have, the symptoms and treatments are usually the same.

Treatment for Hepatitis C is a course of antiviral medications. The prescribed medications work by eliminating the virus. At the end of your treatment, your test results should not detect any of the virus in your body. This occurs at least 12 weeks after you’ve completed treatment. A liver transplant may be needed if your liver has become too damage from scarring to work properly. A liver transplant is not a cure for hepatitis C. Complications of hepatitis C all involve the liver. You may develop cirrhosis, which is a scarring of the liver.

1. Abdomen pain

Abdomen pain has many causes such as a pulled muscle or gas pains. These causes are not serious. Other causes require medical condition because they abdominal pain is occurring for because of an underlying cause. This underlying cause may be hepatitis C, heart attack or cystitis. The location and pattern of the abdomen pain will determine if it is serious. The pain typically stop after a three hours or a few days. If you have chronic pain, it may come and go. This could continue for weeks or years. It may progress over time. Acute abdomen pain accompanies other symptoms that develop over hours or days depending on the medical condition.