8 Symptoms of Zika

The Zika virus infection is caused by mosquitoes that carry the Aedes genus. The virus was originally discovered in Africa and has since spread to other areas of the world. The Zika virus has been dominant in Africa since the 1950s and is transmitted through mosquito bites, intercourse, or from mother to fetus. It is especially dangerous for those who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant. There are many different types of symptoms that accompany people who have been infected with the virus.

Some individuals may experience only one symptom while others may experience all of them. There are a select few who may never develop any symptoms. If you experience any of the following symptoms and have contracted Zika, make sure you get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and take pain relievers as needed. There is currently no vaccine that is available to prevent the Zika Virus, however, caution should always be taken when there is a risk of contraction.

1. Fever

Those who are infected with the Zika virus may experience a low-grade fever. The fever generally arises within 3-12 days of initial exposure. It’s important to understand that each patient and each case is different, but the fever is typically mild and does not exceed 101 degrees Fahrenheit. You may experience chills in addition to the fever, however, most symptoms should begin to decrease within 4-7 days. To control the symptoms, it’s recommended to use over-the-counter medications.