9 Benefits of Coconut Oil

People living in equatorial countries and regions of the world like Southeast Asia have long understood the benefits of coconut oil. They would eat the coconut itself, drink its nutritious water and make coconut oil to use in cooking, beauty products, and medicinal cures. Today you can get coconut oil at virtually every supermarket, or even make it yourself!

Experts differ on exactly what makes a great coconut oil, but they mostly agree that you’ll want to find one with a clear color when in a liquid state and a white color when solid. Coconut oils that are tinged brown could be rancid and should be avoided. You’ll also want to look for is a yummy coconut smell coming from the oil and check the country of origin. If the oil was produced in a country where coconuts are abundant, it’s probably of a higher quality than if it came from somewhere else!

So now that you have your jar of coconut oil, now what happens? The uses for your new super oil are only limited by your imagination! You can make an awesome DIY face scrub or healing mask, use it to tame your split ends, cook some of your favorite vegetables in it for a stir-fry that’s out of this world. The sky is the limit! Let’s look at some of the incredible things that this amazing oil can do!

1. Healthy for You

Coconut oil is full of good fats. It’s comprised of medium-chain triglycerides, which have been linked to higher amounts of energy, increased weight loss and a slowed down aging process. Sounds pretty excellent, right? In addition to helping you keep your youthful glow, coconut oil could also help ward off and fight diseases and is widely accepted as a great addition to any diet. People who want to lose weight will benefit from swapping out traditional oils for coconut oil. Not only will the oil infuse your food with a beautiful tropical flavor, studies have shown that coconut oil will actually target stubborn belly fat in women, giving you a leaner figure! Coconut oil fills you up without that feeling of sluggishness, so you’ll want to go head out for a run or hit the gym. All of that new energy combined with coconut oil’s tummy targeting properties will have you feeling like a new person. People who consume coconut oil also could build more muscle. As muscle burns, more calories at rest than fat, you’re building a more efficient body with every spoonful of coconut oil. There aren’t any other oils that have quite the bragging rights of coconut oil, and increased energy, accelerated weight loss, and slowed down aging are only the tip of the iceberg with this superfood!