9 Benefits Of Oil Of Oregano

Oregano oil or oil of oregano comes from a plant that mostly grows in the Southern Eurasian area and some areas in the Western region. The scientific name for the oregano plant is Origanum vulgare, and it belongs to the Origanum genus, O. vulgare species and Lamiaceae family.

A person can use oil of oregano a variety of ways. He or she can take it orally or put it into a tea mix or inside of some juice. The person can use it as a topical solution by rubbing it onto the skin. A third way that one can use oil of oregano is by putting it in a device to inhale it. Yes, one can even inhale the oil of oregano as a way of treating a respiratory ailment. There is a variety of ways that a person can use oregano oil for his or her health.

Many people use oregano in a powered or leafy form to either cook their meals or season them. However, not all people know of the massive number of health benefits that oregano has in its oiled form. The deliciously minty substance is full of healthy capabilities. The following are nine benefits of oregano oil:

1. Treats Respiratory Conditions

Oil of oregano can help in many respiratory conditions that cause the sufferer to sneeze, cough and have trouble breathing. It can assist people who are currently suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, allergies, COPD and an assortment of conditions that bother the respiratory system. What’s special about oregano is that it has properties that clean the lungs. More so than that, it contains elements such as flavonoids and carvacrol. Those elements can act as natural antihistamines and decongestants. Therefore, oil of oregano can help with the common cold, too. Furthermore, oil of oregano can soothe the nasal passages and cease an affected person from coughing.

Someone who is suffering from one of the above conditions can use the oil of oregano in a number of ways. This person can use it as an inhalant by putting into a vaporizer. Alternatively, the individual can mix it into a hot tea or add a few drops of it into water or juice. The best way for a person to treat himself for herself with this remedy is to use it every two to four hours in the same way that he or she would use a medication from a doctor. Treatment should be vigorous and consistent to increase effectiveness.