9 Treatments of Arthritis

People believe that arthritis is a name referring to one condition. However, it relates informally to any joint pain or joint disease. The illness has more than a hundred types. The most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is broadly recognized as the inflammation of the joints. Other complications also lead to severe inflammation. The disease is accompanied by underlying infections such as lupus and psoriasis. Some causes of arthritic pain include:

8 Symptoms of Arthritis

The Age of An Individual

The condition often increases with age. Different types of the condition like gout and osteoarthritis advance with age.

History of Your Family

The background of your family contributes a lot as a cause of inflammation. Other types run in the family. You may inherit it from the family or notice it in your siblings. State of obesity Excessive weight stresses your joints around the hips, knees, and spine. Obese people often suffer from this condition.

The Gender of An Individual

A person’s sex affects their chances of developing joint pains and diseases. Females, for instance, stand a higher chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis, as opposed to men.

Joint Injuries from The Past

People who hurt their joints in the past are at a risk of developing inflammatory pains at that joints. For instance, injuring your joint during a sports activity. There are multiple treatment options for arthritis, but each person is different.

1. Yoga

The exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation involved in yoga help in improving physical and mental health. It has proven to help arthritic patients boost physical and psychological symptoms. Regular practice reduces joint pain and improves joint flexibility. It also involves positioning the body in different styles, which helps boost the body balance. Some suitable yoga poses for arthritis include Cat and Cow pose, Child’s pose, Tree pose, Cow Face pose, and Bridge pose. These poses help reduce inflammation and increase muscle strength. It also reduces stress and anxiety. You can start by using these suggested poses or enroll in a yoga class. Before you begin, seek the assistance of a yoga expert or a medical practitioner.