Everything You Need to Know About Stair Lifts

The top benefits of getting a stair lift would be the ability to safely move between the floors of a home safely and quickly, alloys them to carry things up and down the stairs, comfort and convenience, as well as being affordable. There are cases when an elderly pair becomes debilitated by a muscle atrophy or arthritis and the other is not strong enough to assist them up the rest of the stairs, or even when an elderly at home alone and fear falling down the stairs and not having anyone to help them.

Benefits of a Stair Lift

Due to the increased mobility with stair lifts the elderly are able to gain a type of independence without having to rely on someone to be there to help them up the stairs. As well as allowing elderly to carry something from the top floor of a building to the bottom floor which would be difficult due to the loss of sense of balance carrying anything while climbing down or up the stairs could prove dangerous. The increase of comfort and convenience of a stair lift is that they can accommodate almost any type of home with stairs with a speed and consistency that is safe and yet quite fast for the elderly to traverse their own home. Another thing about stair lifts that make them so appealing to individual or even couples of elderlies is that they are extremely affordable for all that a stair lift chair would be able to do for them.

Average Costs of Stair Lifts

The average cost of a stair lift can be less then $5,000 while it all depending on the type of chair and style of the railing that they would choose. They will be able to choose a stair lift that is small enough that will even allow another individual walk by them as they climb up the stairs. A stair lift can cost anywhere from anywhere between the price of $3,000 dollars to $5,000 dollars. However, if the stair lift is required to go onto curves its price will be more expensive due to the fact that it needs to be more elaborate and go around corners bends and be able to change directions very well. There are many costs of going into a stair lift as a rail is fitted specifically for the staircase of your home and if your home will need a curved or straight stair lift.

The things determine the cost of your stair lift also included how wide is the stairwell in your house, how much head room there will be under the bulkhead and how much would be there after the chair is there, the distance for your stair lift to travel and if there needs to be and addition electrical wiring that will need to be done to the house. There also is the question of there being landing spots at the top and bottom of the stairs that will make it easier for you to get out of your chair. In addition to that there are the questions for the aesthetics of the stair lifts as well as conventionality. Although there is all of this for a stair lift an in-house elevator can cost upwards of $80,000 dollars as a standard stair lift can cost up to $5,000 dollars.

Find the Best Deal on a Stair Lift

To find a stair lift on sale you would need to look for and kind of used or even reconditioned stair lifts that will be on sale. There are many websites and individuals who would sell their stair lifts and stair lift rails on websites such as eBay and amazon. If you have parts of a stair lift then maybe the company you hire to install it can you those parts and leave you with a cheaper total.

$1000 Stair Lifts

Need a stair lift for your home but can’t afford the full price? Many homeowners have been able to get stair lifts installed in their home for less than $1000 at times. Combined with manufacturer and store discounts, it is possible! Find out how to get an affordable stair lift!