The Process of Freezing Off Your Fat

Cool-sculpting is an FDA approved procedure that incorporates a patented cooling technology to get rid of fat cells without having to have surgery and very little recovery time. It is important for people who are considering getting this procedure done to have the info and procedure data. Another important thing for those that are considering having cool sculpting done is how much it costs. Therefore, part of this article will also focus on an overview of cool-sculpting costs. One thing that people considering this procedure also want to know is what parts of their body can this procedure be performed on.

The parts of the body that can be treated with cool sculpting are the stomach/abdomen, love handles/flanks, under the neck (double chin), in the back/bra area, in the thighs, and on the male chest as well. A lot of people will also wonder how this procedure works and what will happen to their when this procedure takes place. Knowledge of that is very important prior to having this procedure done.

Cool-Sculpting Technology

Cool-sculpting technology is used during the process of Cryolipolysis freezes the treated fat cells and they become crystallized (frozen) and die. Due to the fact that fat crystallizes quicker than normal cells, a person’s cells will not be harmed, as well as their nerves and surrounding tissue. Prior to the procedure, the fat cells shrink and die, a person’s body naturally metabolizes them, and then the cells are gotten rid of. The effect is a more sculpted person. Diet and exercise reduce the size of fat cells and cool sculpting gets rid of them forever. Every time a person has this procedure done, they decrease the number of fat cells that they have by close to twenty percent and every additional procedure takes away about another twenty percent of their remaining body fat. The majority of people also want to know how much cool sculpting costs.

Cost of Cool-Sculpting

Since cost is an important factor for most people that are considering having this procedure done and they wonder how hard their bank account will be hit by having this procedure done, this part of this part will discuss the cost of cool sculpting. The cost of cool sculpting depends on what areas of their body a person wants to be treated and what their end goals are. The majority of patients want more than one area of their body treated so all of their goals will be met. Therefore, the average cost of this procedure is between $2,000 to $4,000 for their individualized treatment plan dependent on the number of areas that they want to be treated. When they meet with their provider, they will work together to make a plan that is good for their budget, goals, and most importantly, their body. A lot of cool sculpting practices will make a payment plan with their patients to aid them in achieving their goals. There are also quite a few benefits to cool sculpting.

There are quite a few benefits of cool sculpting. They include natural looking results, it is convenient and comfortable, it has been cleared by the FDA, and it is done by qualified professionals. The natural looking results start just after one session of cool sculpting. After one session, the area that is treated will gradually appear smaller over time during the first six months after the procedure is done. Most of the fat cells will work their way out of a person’s body during the first two months, but a lot of people can see results after a few short weeks. Cool-sculpting procedures are also convenient and comfortable as they last up to only an hour, which a lot of people is the best way they ever spent an hour of their time. All they feel is cold air and dull pressure. Many people work, read, or even take a nap during their procedure. Qualified professionals that include a lot of licensed doctors and nurses do this innovative procedure on a daily basis. This procedure is also the only procedure approved by the FDA to freeze fat cells. Another thing that cool sculpting patients will love is that that they go back to living their lives basically right away after they have the procedure.

After a person has cool sculpting done, they can basically go back to living their lives as they did before they had the procedure. It is a non-surgical procedure, which means a person can usually go back to doing all their activities of daily living right away. A lot of people go back to work the same day that they have the procedure done. All they need to do is have a follow-up appointment with their provider to check on their progress and discuss possibly having the procedure done again. With all of these benefits and little to no recovery time, cool-sculpting is absolutely the best way to freeze your fat off.

Finding A Fat Freezing Treatment Option Near You

There are many options for freezing your fat nationwide. Check out this helpful coolsculpting resource for finding more information about freeze fat centers near you as well as costs. Learn more about who is eligible for this procedure, recovery time, costs and more.