Ways To Boost Immunity

You are constantly exposed to viruses and bacteria. However, if you boost your immunity, then you can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick. There are several methods that you can use to boost your immunity.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking can suppress your immune system. It can also trigger inflammation. Not only are smokers more likely to develop illnesses, but they also have a harder time fighting off illnesses.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation makes you more prone to developing illnesses. Studies have shown that your T Cells decrease when you are sleep-deprived. Your body needs T cells in order to fight of illnesses. Inflammatory cytokines also increase when you are sleep deprived, which can increase your chances of developing the flu.

A fever is a natural immune system response. The body uses the fever to fight off the infection. Your body will have a better response to the fever if you get enough rest.

Vegetable Heavy Diet

Vegetables are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants help strengthen your immune system. In addition to eating plenty of vegetables, you will also need to include nuts, seeds and fruits in your diet.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

If you drink alcohol, then you do not want to consume more than two alcoholic beverages per day. Alcohol can impair your immune system functioning. It can also increase the risk of lung infections.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise can do a lot more than just help you maintain your weight. Studies have shown that people who are sedentary are more likely to develop colds than those who are active. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise in every day.

Manage Your Stress

It is important to minimize stress. When you are stressed, your cortisol levels increase. If your cortisol levels are elevated for an extended period of time, then your immune system function will decrease.

Get Some Rays

One of the reasons that people are more prone to developing illnesses in the winter time is because vitamin D levels decrease. Vitamin D is necessary for a strong immune system. You can help your body make vitamin D by exposing yourself to the sun 10 to 15 minutes per day.

Try Probiotics

A healthy gut is one of the keys to a healthy immune system. You can support your gut healthy by eating probiotics. Probiotics can be found in foods like kimchi, pickled cucumbers, kefir, yogurt and kombucha. Studies have shown that probiotics can reduce the risk of respiratory infections in children and adults.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands can help prevent infections. Keep in mind that you do not have to use an antibacterial soap. Plain soap and water is all you need to clean your hands.