10 Foods That Boost Metabolism

A good metabolic rate can positively affect your body weight by promoting weight-loss, balancing the blood sugar level, and improving your energy. The calorie count technique is no-longer the best proven method for weight loss. After all, your body has a mechanism to lose weight in a healthier way, and it can be only achieved with a better metabolism. The best way to supercharge your metabolism is by choosing the right food for your diet. Here is a list of ten foods that significantly boost metabolism and helps in losing weight effortlessly.

1. Green Tea

Standing atop the list of top ten metabolic boosting foods is this antioxidant-rich tea that revs up the metabolism process drastically. Catechin, the main ingredient in green tea, acts as a powerful booster of the metabolism process. The caffeine and catechin together help in amplifying the metabolic rate in humans by 4 to 10 percent. Studies also claim that this compound in green tea helps in regulating blood sugar and improves insulin resistance. Therefore, green tea helps fighting obesity and losing weight.

Our body also has fat burning hormones. By drinking green tea regularly, you can promote the secretion of this hormone. This is another reason why green tea is a metabolic booster. Drink it hot, cold and with or without sweetener. This fat burning food is a great aid to boost your metabolism. If caffeine affects your sleep schedule, then switch to the decaf variety of green tea, and you will still see similar results and effects on your metabolism. When your metabolic rate is high, you can easily burn an extra 100 calories per day and burn the stored fat by 17 percent. Drinking at least a cup of green tea without sugar is therefore very beneficial for weight-loss.