10 Symptoms of Liver Failure

The liver is an organ that sits to the right of your stomach. It’s considered the biggest gland in your body, weighing in at around three pounds, and it plays a big role in keeping you healthy. The liver has many jobs, but the three most important things that it takes care of in the body is producing bile for your intestines, create proteins to help your blood clot, and detoxify any potentially dangerous chemicals that end up in the body.

Liver failure happens when your liver becomes too damaged with scar tissue to fully heal itself and fails to complete its jobs for the body. This is called cirrhosis of the liver. Liver failure is considered a medical emergency, but it’s not always apparent when liver failure is happening because the failure can span for many years.

1. Abdomen Pain

Abdomen pain caused by liver failure is most commonly felt on the right side of the abdomen, under the ribs. The pain is normally dull in nature, but it is possible for the pain to be severe in nature. The pain can radiate outward and feel like it’s coming from your back or right shoulder. You may experience onset of pain after a heavy meal of fatty foods or after drinking alcohol. These thing cause pain because a damaged liver can not do its job of filtering alcohol or produce enough bile to help your body break these down. This kind of pain is a hallmark of liver failure, and you should set up an appointment with your doctor if you experience it. Pain originating from the liver is a serious symptom, and you should not ignore it.

If you experience abdominal pain is other areas of the abdomen, especially if it is severe or ongoing, then you should still consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor. Severe or ongoing abdominal pain can one of many signs and symptoms of an underlying health issue. Your doctor will be able to guide you through proper diagnosis and a viable treatment plan, if needed.