6 Advantages of Using A Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that women use during their menstruation cycles. The cup is inserted into a woman’s vagina with the intent of it being used to “catch” menstrual blood and prevent it from leaking. Menstrual cups are typically made with flexible silicone in the shape of a bell cup. This cup seals to the vaginal wall once inserted just below the cervix. It collects the menstrual blood and is emptied, rinsed clean, and reinserted during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Those who use menstrual cups are generally able to go 10 to 12 hour without needing to empty it. If the cup is correctly inserted, it should protect against any leaks and those using one should not experience any type of discomfort.

When these types of cups were first created in the 1930s they were made of rubber material, but they were far from successful. In 1987 a cup called The Keeper was manufactured in the United States and it paved the way for commercial success. Still though, despite how many companies offer a version of the menstrual cup, surprisingly few people know of or use them. The majority of menstrual*cups were made as reusable cups which allows them to be used not only through a cycle but also for every menstrual cycle that follows. Typically it is recommended to replace them every five to ten years, unless it is evident that replacement is necessary sooner. Some menstrual cups, however were made with the expectation of disposed of after one single use.

1. Better Hygiene

When it comes to having a period, many women associate it with having a heavy flow. More often than not, this results in some type of leakage. For really unlucky women, underwear, pants, and even bedsheets end up staying with blood. Every woman has experience there. With the use of a cup there truly is no odor to be embarrassed about it. There is no need to worry about bulky pads, double checking for tell tale stains, or even the need to worry about finding a bathroom every few hours or less. With the longer times between needing to “change” any feminine products, women have a higher chance of being able to truly just put the cup in and forget about it. Using a menstrual cup allows for less blood transfer to clean up anytime a woman uses the bathroom.