6 Common Triggers of Seizures

A seizure is defined as an abrupt and uncontrollable electrical disturbance in a person’s brain. When you have a seizure the physical symptoms can include loss of consciousness, uncontrolled body shakes, and convulsions. The mental symptoms are harder for other people to see. Those symptoms include confusion and memory loss. Many people report that they can feel a seizure coming on. They become very hot or very cold, they have issues with their speech like slurring words or begin using non-sensical words, they have a funny taste in their mouth, and blurry vision.

Others have described more general signs saying they just don’t feel well or they feel funny. If someone suffers from seizures, then knowing what these early signs are can be very important. The person will be able to get themselves to a safe place. If you or someone with you is having a seizure lower them to the ground gently. Remove anything in the area that could cause harm if it came in contact with the person seizing. Place something soft under their head. Get out of the way. Trying to restain a person is unsafe for both of you. Call for help and stay with the person until the episode is over. There are many triggers that can bring on a seizure. Here we will discuss the cause of the six most common triggers.

1. Missing Medication

It is very common for people to miss a single dose of their medication once in a while, and often nothing bad happens. But that doesn’t mean it is safe to miss a dose. You can have a seizure from missing one dose of medicine. They call these breakthrough seizures. If you take your medication only once per day then you are even more susceptible to having a breakthrough seizure. Sometimes it isn’t that the patient hasn’t taken the medicine because of forgetfulness. They might have trouble getting it from the pharmacy. If this is the case, then keeping an emergency supply is a necessity.