6 Ways To Promote Back Health

Back pain is more than just an annoying occurrence. It is something that can disrupt your overall quality of life, making it more difficult to focus at work or school and to perform the physical functions your body needs to execute every day. Oftentimes, it is hard to understand what might be causing back pain. You might not notice how much you are slouching or how much time you spend sitting at your desk during the day, but these things can cause your back health to suffer.

Pain throughout the spinal column is actually the worldwide leading cause of disability. Every year, about half of all working Americans report experiencing back pain symptoms, and somewhere around 80% of the population will experience these symptoms at some point during their lives. Back pain is one of the most expensive conditions to treat, with Americans spending upward of $50 billion each year to combat their symptoms.

So, how can you treat and even prevent back pain without spending a ton of money? Let’s take a look at six easy and cost-effective ways that you can promote better back health.

1. Take Short Breaks

The average American spends 12 hours per day in a sedentary position. This fact is startling, considering that this takes up most of a person’s waking hours every day. As researchers have discovered, leading a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to numerous illnesses, including metabolic syndrome, which is also commonly referred to as the “sitting disease”. Symptoms of this condition include signs of diabetes and an expansion of the waist. Not surprisingly, back pain is also frequently reported.

One of the best (and easiest) ways to prevent the effects of a sedentary lifestyle from claiming your health is to take short breaks. Every half an hour, get up and move around. If you are at work, stand up from your desk and attend to some tasks that require walking and standing. If you work from home, take a break from your job at the computer and do some household chores or go for a walk outside. Not only does this allow your body time to flex its muscles and burn energy and fat, but mentally, it can feel like a nice, rejuvenating reprieve.