7 Symptoms of Constipation

We’re all familiar with that uncomfortable trip to the bathroom. It can be an unpleasant and sometimes painful experience.

You may have changed your eating habits in a way that your digestive tract disagrees with. It can also be caused by dehydration or an inactive lifestyle. Some types of medications can be the culprit. Each person’s body reacts differently depending on a number of factors. Genetics, lifestyle and diet are some of the things that differ depending on the person.

1. Irregular Bowel Movements

There is a lot of variation in the frequency of different people’s bowel movements. An individual’s body chemistry, lifestyle and eating habits can all affect how often they need to go to the bathroom. Some people may go several times each day. Others may have a bowel movement every two days or so.

An irregular interval between bowel movements is a sign that something is wrong. It’s likely that you have constipation if you don’t have at least three bowel movements a week. After three days the stool in the intestines can become harder and more difficult to pass, resulting in a denser fecal matter that can cause blockage.