7 Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Quickly

The clogging or the infecting of a person’s oil or sebaceous glands unfortunately leads to a pimple. A pimple is a small papule or pustule that has become swollen and filled with pus. These pimples are also known as zits or spots and are the main part of acne. It is common for them to occur during puberty, but people can also develop them at any age. During puberty, the sebaceous glands positioned at the hair follicles’ base are overactive. Therefore, during the teenage years and when a woman is menstruating are two times when they in all likelihood will develop. Since many of a person’s sebaceous glands are on the face, chest, shoulders and back, that’s where acne will most likely occur.

Over 80 percent of teenagers are affected by acne vulgaris which is pimples’ leading cause. However, only 12 percent of women and 3 percent of men are affected by them after they have reached the age of 25. There are a number of medicines and lotions on the market today for the treatment of acne. However, they can take too much time. In less time, the following natural methods can be used to effectively get rid of acne.

1. Ice

Large or open pores on a person’s skin can a contributing cause of acne problems and blackheads. This is especially true for anyone with oily skin. Pores can become clogged by an excess of sebum, bacteria and dirt resulting in pimples which swollen, red and inflamed. You can reduce the swelling, redness and inflammation by using ice. One reason the ice helps is that improves your blood circulation to the area and also tightens the pores of the skin. It also removes oil and dirt that has accumulated on the skin.

Crushed ice or ice cubes can be used based on which is most convenient. Using a clean washcloth, wrap a few ice cubes. Hold the wrapped ice cubes against your skin for 15 to 30 seconds. This should be done a few times daily. You can do this less often once you see improvement. You can enhance this remedy’s benefits by adding apple juice, cucumber juice, rose water or green tea to the water used to make ice cubes. Before applying an ice pack, you should wash your face using a mild cleanser, rinse thoroughly with warm water and use a clean towel to pat dry.

Avoid scrubbing vigorously since that would spread the pimples’ bacteria to other pores. Place ice cubes in either a clean towel or plastic bag. You should then place the ice on your pimples for five minutes, remove the ice pack for five minutes and replace it for five minutes. Continue the ice on and ice off routine until the ice cubes have melted. Repeat this action three times daily.