9 Health Benefits Of Guarana

Guarana also known as (Paullinia cupana)is a climbing plant native to the Amazon it is also quite common in Brazil. It has a variety of benefits some of which include weight loss, improves mental health, and acts as an energy booster. The seed of the fruit contains caffeine identical to sources like coffee and tea. Guarana has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as a food additive. It is currently used in carbonated and sweetened soft drinks as well as energy drinks. It is found in some supplements and as an added ingredient in herbal tea. Most of the caffeine in South America comes from this fruit. Some cultures pound the seeds into a fine powder the powder is then kneaded into a dough and shaped into cylinders. This “guarana bread” is then grated and immersed in hot water to be consumed as tea. The tea has been used for anti-cancer effects and as an antioxidant. One of the largest consumers of soft drinks produces several soft drink brands made from guarana extract. In fact guarana is commonly used as a reference for soft drinks made from the extract of the fruit. View the following list if you think guarana might be a potential benefit to you.

1. Aids With Weight Loss

Guarana contains caffeine which classifies it as a metabolic stimulant. As a stimulant it aids consumers in burning a greater amount a calories throughout the day.

Enhanced weight loss is achieved by increasing fat metabolism. The amount of energy used for basic metabolic functions such as digestion and breathing are also increased.

Significant weight loss was noted in participants of a study where an herbal supplement containing guarana was used. Reduction of hip circumference also occurred compared to the use of a placebo.

The prevention of fat generation may be achieved by decreasing the genes that generate fat and increasing fat fighting genes. Appetite suppressing properties are also a known characteristic of this fruit.

Indications are that this fruit prompts the nervous system to induce lipolysis where fats found in the blood system are transformed into energy while exercising. Weight loss is more effective the higher the rate of lipolysis.

Much like other forms of caffeine guarana may not mix well with other medications. Symptom of high doses may include insomnia, dehydration, and palpitations. Laboratory test have shown no no evidence of toxicity, unlike coffee.

Although there is no clinical evidence this herb has been popular for treating localized fat and cellulite.